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  1. PaidPoints

    We Want To Make Daily Payouts If Possible

    Hello friends. This has been a bugging issue on my mind. On PaidPoints, we have always wanted to make daily payouts, but due to the fact that some users may not complete offers properly, What if we payout daily and are not able to recoup the funds if the user didn't complete offer properly ...
  2. Muhammad Hamza

    Affiliates Wanted We are buying your Casino traffic | High payouts and high CR

    Hi We are buying Casino traffic from Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Australia, Germany, United States, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain at High paying casino offers. Additional: We have smart links option to rotate all casino offers in Preferred Geos Feel...
  3. Quirin

    Payout models for different traffic

    Hi There, do you really know your websites visitors? Did you know it has an massive impact on your revenues? Different payout models are important for differnt traffic. If your users want to get to know a product for free, CPL would be the choice. If they already know a product and just want a...
  4. cimpoi constantin

    New here!affiliate publisher for about 4 years!

    hi there!anyone looking for cpa,cpl,cpc,pps offers ?i can help...instant payout too!thanks
  5. Alberto ReflexCash


    Hi everybody, My name is Alberto and I'm an Affiliate Manager at ReflexCash, Premium CPA Network. As a Premium CPA Network, we work to get best deals possible with our Affiliates, and we are sure to find many of the best ones on the market here. We are here only to make business but also to...
  6. S

    Adult + Snapchat. Easy $$

    Hey! Do you generate adult traffic with Snapchat? How is it going? What can you say about this concept? Who tried? Is it fruitful? Process: Find mobile PPS offer => grab domain related to adult => create Snapchat account with girl name (sexyblonde2016 or something :) ) =>upload your...

    Ask Me Anything About why you must use the Tapgerine's platform!

    Hello all, I'm Olga, Development Director at Tapgerine. I really want to connect with serious performance marketers and to exchange the business experience.;) I'm going to be super active as a member of AffiliateFix forum so be sure to send me all your questions! We have a unique platform with...
  8. Sandeep Narula

    Affiliates Wanted Great Payouts Offered - Tech Support Calls

    If you are a Network or Affiliate, lucrative payouts offered to all Tech Support Publishers. Its best if you have your own tracking platform, even if you don't we'll use ours. We are always interested in scaling more, hence prepayment is not an issue. Hit me up Skype:- sandeepnarula.sandeep
  9. S

    Buying Leads Looking for US & UK Subprime Leads - Weekly Net 7 Payment

    Hey, Smartping are looking for new affiliates - We have many exclusive lenders & own all of our own offers both UK & US. We have great payouts and can work on any payment model. smartpingsignupDOTcom live;Williamjacktickle William.Tickle@smartpingtreeDOTcom Reach out anytime or just use the...
  10. Prince.AdSenceMedia

    Looking For AdSenceMedia - "December-2015, net-30" All Payment Cleared

    AdSenceMedia - "December-2015, net-30" All Payment have been Cleared. Keep up the good work everyone. Thanks.
  11. Prince.AdSenceMedia

    Announcement AdSenceMedia - "December-2015, net-30" All Payment Cleared

    AdSenceMedia - "December-2015, net-30" All Payment have been Cleared. Keep up the good work everyone. Thanks.
  12. I

    Looking For Direct PIN-submit/mobile subscription advertiser

    Hey guys, I'm a direct advertiser and I'm looking for direct publishers who can deliver PIN-submit/mobile subscription traffic for the following GEOs: - AU - NL - TH - RS - UK - MY - SG I can give you 30%+ higher payouts than the ones you are getting from the affiliate networks. Please feel...
  13. Prince.AdSenceMedia

    Announcement AdSenceMedia Offering 10% Year Closing BONUS in December'15 to all Pubs for Minimum Earning! is very happy & excited to announce that, Year-2015 Closing BONUS to its worlds class Publishers. Its almost two third of December'2015 has gone, around 10 days to go. If you earn Minimum $300 in December-2015 then 10% Year Closing BONUS will be added on yours December'2015...
  14. Click Forward

    Italian CR! Why so low???

    Hi everyone! I have never worked with Italian offers before. However, I'm going to start! I have found out that CR for Italian offers is very very very low, I mean 0,4-0,6%. Can you share your experience? What about payouts? Are they high?