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  1. Affmy

    Affiliates Wanted Extra-Rate for new dating MIFsense

    Hey guys, We are happy to announce: we launched another new Exclusive DATING OFFER! This time, MILF niche – high converting and the most preferred dating category by payable users. The greatest thing is, the offer goes together with ready & custom-built unique funnels which are carefully...
  2. benfaddoulkamal

    best affiliate network for dating

    hi guys how are today i will share with one of the best affilliate network that have dating and adult offer pay per lead so all you need is to sign up now and start sendig adult traffic link of network : comment bellow to get link best regards guys happy earning
  3. Mr. Mayer

    Hi Everyone! My name is Mr. Mayer and I have lots of affiliate offers!

    Mostly I target cryptocurrencies and financial markets but if you are specialized in something else, PM me with your questions. I am online on Skype and Telegram almost 24/7. P.S.: Some of the offers I have are very tasty because you can get up to 10% from investments (your clients, who come...
  4. C

    Offer Wanted What Network Can Offer Me THE BEST? (I'll bring in a lot of $$$ for you)

    Hi all, I am successful Affiliate of CRAKRevenue, Peerfly and FOREX. I mainly work Pay Per Lead with Adult. I've established a very specific and successful method that is guaranteed to work. I can generate as much as $500 per day for network with enough time put in. My problem with CRAK is that...