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  1. A

    Is traffic necessary when applying to Affliliate programs?

    I have built over several years a well built small niche site with what i believe to be well written orgifinal content . However, since this is my first site , i released my site all at once doh! and have no traffic plus appear dismally low on google search results if at all! Almost everwhere i...
  2. Akram Hossain

    Promote CPA offer through Paid away in CPA Grip

    Hye guy. Would you like to explain how I Promote CPA offer of CPA Grip through Paid away? Plz Explain who are expert.
  3. W

    How does Paid Traffic source work ?

    Hi, I'm a newbie in the marketing field, and I'm a little bit confused. I'm willing to promote some CPA offers using Paid Traffic Sources, but what's triggering me is, how does those "Paid Traffic Sources" promote my offers? Are they using Popups,Banners...? What is exactly the Traffic I'm...
  4. eco112

    Question: Getting paid from Amazon Associates AND Brand Vendors

    With Amazon affiliate programs offering such a low rate, what do you think of the idea of setting up an agreement between Brand Vendors (who only sell on Amazon) and Affiliates where the Affiliates would get the standard Amazon affiliate commission AND extra commission from the Brand Vendor for...