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paid traffic sources

  1. Shifat2858

    Best paid traffic sources for adworkmedia offer.

    Can anyone suggest me the best cheapest paid traffic site under $100 deposit facilities for adworkmedia cpa offer.
  2. Pawel Halas

    9 Best Alternatives To Google AdWords

    Hi guys, Let me share an article that has recently been published on our blog at LiveChat Partners Blog. I hope you'll find it insightful. ________ I’ve decided to put up an ultimate list of Google AdWords alternatives to give you an idea on how to go beyond Google with your budget. Let’s dive...
  3. W

    How does Paid Traffic source work ?

    Hi, I'm a newbie in the marketing field, and I'm a little bit confused. I'm willing to promote some CPA offers using Paid Traffic Sources, but what's triggering me is, how does those "Paid Traffic Sources" promote my offers? Are they using Popups,Banners...? What is exactly the Traffic I'm...