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  1. P

    Blocking free paid ads

    how can i make paid ads on facebook, preventing the profile from being blocked? I advertise an e-book with healthy recipes, but I'm afraid Facebook will understand it as a product that offends people I don't understand much about contingency, but I know something. could someone help me with...
  2. L

    Google Ads Account Suspended

    I received an email from google ads service telling me that an ad campaign is disapproved. I received this email on 25th of this month. Then I received the above email next day. I got my google ads account suspended.I didn't view this email before the account was suspended. I paused this ad...
  3. Moroccan Marketer

    What are the most reliable paid ads network for adult marketing in 2021

    Hey guys, I just started my journey promoting adult offers and I would love to hear your experience with adult ads network you used to buy traffic from and you had good ROI with.
  4. Honeybadger

    Free Paid Marketing Full Course (10 hours)

    I subscribe to Simplilearn on You Tube It just posted this free video course about paid advertising No signup it's all on You Tube, 10 hours long I have no connection apart from being a subscriber Simplilearn have 900,000 subscribers So it is legit channel