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offer split testing

  1. affiliatelk

    Ask Me Anything How Can I split testing offers first ?

    Hi, I am confused with the testing part! In the testing part, Experts mention that we need to test 3 offers first? I mean how could I do that without the ads that aren't made already. it's confusing but to explain more, I just want to know how would I test an offer with an ad that I don't...
  2. affiliatelk

    Need advice on 'Sweepstakes Offer' Split testing ?

    Hi, I would like to promote sweepstakes offer in tier 2, tier 3 countries. I heard about In the sweepstake we need to test a lot of offers to find one that works well. Can you explain how we can find the same type of offers in a network, How can we choose the banners and landers to split test...