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  1. Mobisummer

    Hello new friends!

    Hey guys! This is Mobisummer, it's our pleasure to meet you all! Looking forward to talking about affiliate marketing and sharing everything we know about it! Thumbs Up
  2. Nhung Nguyen

    Make money online

    To promote sales I will select google adword campaign and I pay for every customer clicks in my campaign. I will find quality keywords to get more customers. Currently I have a relationship with a lot of marketing experts in other countries. I would ask them to help me advertise to customers.

    Affiliates Wanted Top direct CPI offers with the highest payouts

    Hi everyone. Here are Top direct campaigns with the highest payouts that we would like to propose to you. Many more campaigns in your dashboard - And if you're not with us yet, sign up now. 诛仙手游-Efun独家授权新马版 US, UK, CA, AU, NZ, IT, SG, MY Payout: $3.50 Brand new game! Be the...
  4. Victor Lebed

    Young and extremely abmitious traffic seeker :)

    Hi everyone! :) I hope that each of you is having a great day! My name is Victor, and I'm keen on marketing. I'm excited to meet new people here and will be extremely glad to work with CPI/CPA traffic sellers :) Besides, I'm a huge fan of music and football - so if you're tired from work, I...
  5. Guilly

    How do you use Adplexity?

    Hello All I have started to use adplexity and although I'm really enjoying, I think it is quite overwhelming. When searching for offers, I always filter the results to "running longest" or "receiving more traffic", but what would be the best numbers ( Hits, Countries, Period, Publishers) that...
  6. M

    MobileWall.Co Offerwall Network Here

    Hello AffiliateFix Forum I am Reggie a account manager at MobileWall.Co We are a OfferWall network with about 800 offers ranging from Surveys,CPI,CPA,Cps Etc. We offer FAST Pay out with a minimum of $50! We have Pre Made Scripts for Aurora and Evolution GPT Script for publishers to download...
  7. Q

    Looking For Is Leadhug still working ???

    Hi all ! My partner recommend Leadhug to me as a potential affiliate network with many CPI offers But i 've tried to contact to the representative of Leadhug day by day but they have not replied me even once :'( Are they still working ??? Or not ? Anyone who has expriences work with them...