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  1. Lucas Bolpato

    I search for news in digital marketing

    I would like to know about news in the world of marketing, I have been involved in this medium since 2015 and I know moderately new subjects in this medium. Anyway, I would like to go deeper because I hear that digital marketing abroad is about 10 years ahead compared to Brazil, so I want to see...
  2. Bogdana

    Russian Gaming Week 2017 - CIS largest gambling event

    Greetings! I want to announce the largest in the CIS specialized exhibition-forum on gambling, Russian Gaming Week 2017, that will take place on 7-8 June in Moscow. RGW 2017 will be a universal platform for all representatives of the gambling and entertainment industry. This year's program...
  3. Marc

    Suggestion Other Position for the User Report Thread?!

    I think the User Report Thread should be moved to another place. At the current position it always covered the latest news and threads in the News and Announcements Forum by the recently emerging spam. Maybe the Support and Feedback Forum would be a better home for the User Report Thread.