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  1. Aurra

    Official Hello from Surfshark!

    Hey guys! I am Aureja from Surfshark, and I'm quite new to this channel. If you have found any posts or threads that would be interesting and beneficial for the VPN affiliate marketing manager - let me know! If anyone has a question about affiliate marketing, don't hesitate to ask, I think I...
  2. ResDess

    Seeking Help Hello. New person here

    Hello to all mastadons! Recently became an affiliate manager in the affiliate network. My main directions are gambling and crypto, as well as in-house crypto products. I am 29 years old. Prior to that, he himself was engaged in the flow of traffic for a couple of years. I myself live on the...
  3. A

    Hi All I am new to this site

    I would like first all to greet everyone for welcoming me here in this platform i am looking for way to earn extra income from the comfort of my home i tried several affliate website but dont how to attract the consumers and post.
  4. ScarlettApp

    Hi, It's Diego

    Hi everyone, my name is Diego, I'm new to this forum, I hope to know many affiliates. I'm gonna talk a few about me: I work with a company who's dedicated to design a tool (cloaker) we are focused on automation, I'm gonna leave my skypename: live:diego_12965 so let's chat :)
  5. Bernardinho14


    Hello. I'm Bernard. Affiliatefix looks to be a very resourceful platform. Looking forward to learning and sharing ideas to make this CPA marketing journey a pleasant one.