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  1. A

    Hi All I am new to this site

    I would like first all to greet everyone for welcoming me here in this platform i am looking for way to earn extra income from the comfort of my home i tried several affliate website but dont how to attract the consumers and post.
  2. ScarlettApp

    Hi, It's Diego

    Hi everyone, my name is Diego, I'm new to this forum, I hope to know many affiliates. I'm gonna talk a few about me: I work with a company who's dedicated to design a tool (cloaker) we are focused on automation, I'm gonna leave my skypename: live:diego_12965 so let's chat :)
  3. Bernardinho14


    Hello. I'm Bernard. Affiliatefix looks to be a very resourceful platform. Looking forward to learning and sharing ideas to make this CPA marketing journey a pleasant one.