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  1. ResDess

    Seeking Help Hello. New person here

    Hello to all mastadons! Recently became an affiliate manager in the affiliate network. My main directions are gambling and crypto, as well as in-house crypto products. I am 29 years old. Prior to that, he himself was engaged in the flow of traffic for a couple of years. I myself live on the...
  2. Shivanshu Thapliyal

    Hello AffFIX Community.

    Hello Aff World, i am newborn baby in this Affiliate Industry. trying things to go appropriately. but still struggle is going on on my own. also looking for some guidance. :D i hope one day will be at the leader board. Socpe: my scope is to grow and contribute to the industry with lot more...
  3. Opone

    New member in the house

    Hi guys am prince and am glad I was accepted into this wonderful ❤️ family
  4. K

    Wonderful journey

    Hello, I have been learning about affiliate marketing for the last two month and it's been a great journey. I have lots to learn about many things on affiliate marketing but I think I got most of the things. Right now this is my part time job however if I become geek this may become my full time...