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  1. Shivanshu Thapliyal

    Hello AffFIX Community.

    Hello Aff World, i am newborn baby in this Affiliate Industry. trying things to go appropriately. but still struggle is going on on my own. also looking for some guidance. :D i hope one day will be at the leader board. Socpe: my scope is to grow and contribute to the industry with lot more...
  2. Opone

    New member in the house

    Hi guys am prince and am glad I was accepted into this wonderful ❤️ family
  3. K

    Wonderful journey

    Hello, I have been learning about affiliate marketing for the last two month and it's been a great journey. I have lots to learn about many things on affiliate marketing but I think I got most of the things. Right now this is my part time job however if I become geek this may become my full time...