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  1. micoangelo

    Campaign Optimization Best Practice for Push Traffic?

    Hi I'm trying to figure out the best practices for push notifications... With push (and other traffic sources probably), do you keep making new campaigns every time you want to optimize something in an existing campaign (e.g. placements, device type, times, etc.) or do you just adjust in the...
  2. Edley Naylor-Leyland

    Newbie: looking for learning resources

    Hi there, i'm new here. I'm very much a beginner to affiliate marketing and i'm looking for some help on setting up tracking links that i might get from the different Affiliate Networks (Awin, CJ etc). Are there some good resources on understanding the technical side of this (blog posts...
  3. CaviB

    Hello, Looking to have some great conversations!

    I've been in and out of affiliate marketing now for a few years, just looking to learn and relearn working strategies.