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  1. I

    Announcement Some ppl like to get drunk I like to put $$ in your account

    So I had an idea....It’s my b-day so help me celebrate by becoming a new user with and we will give you 10% (up to $100) of your initial cash amount (i.e. whatever amount of money you load into your account, we’ll give you 10% of it up to $100) Provide me with your username in Adnium...
  2. M

    Im new

    Hello guys Im new here, will stay on the back ground and watch how things work here then l will be busy when l feel ready.
  3. Karl Paras

    Hi i'm new here!

    I'm a web developer and i'm seriously not earning much.. so i thought i would venture into Affiliate marketing. I'm hoping that this will change my life. Thanks for all the many good information that i read in this forum.. I hope someday, I could get as big as you guys too.. :)
  4. Daniel Ocean

    Hi everyone

    Hi everyone! I'm new to the Internet marketing scene and was really happy when I found this forum. I've seen people do well with the IM Business for years so I want to recreate that success on my own ventures. My plans are to build websites with cpa offers. Do you guys think incents work well? I...