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  1. Honeybadger

    Pixabay Adds Free Music to Free Video

    Pixabay have some (some thousands) videos Free download if you register Not the biggest selection But generally good quality Now there is some free music downloads Again, some thousands Useful if you need free video & audio
  2. BellaAlice

    Ask Me Anything Make music that is right for everyone.

    Lately, I have received a lot of money for a ringtone. Produced by a consultant that has offered Tonosdellamadacanciones for free for quite a long time. When visiting the website, you are asked to enter your mobile number, which will be the smartest free "tonos de llamada gratis" and enter your...
  3. Honeybadger

    This song has increased my conversions

    It's not for everyone but if you need some motivation try some violin, bagpipes, and deep base (and crank it right up)
  4. O

    [Introduction - I'm a publisher]

    Hello, I do manage an online converter with good & huge traffic. I joined this forum to discover new ways on how to monetize the traffic and learn from the experience of the different members :) Some information about the website: 15m impressions per months 50k users daily 7.8 page per session...
  5. monikasinghofficial

    What are you listening to right now??!

    I am listening to btbam Colors.
  6. kxngquizzle

    @KxngQuizzle Hi :)

    Hey guys, My names KxngQuizzle and im a hip hop artist ! i just started my brand new web series called Kxngs Speech ! hope you guys get more information about me through that then through me typing :P
  7. Artemii


    Hi, everyone! I am totaly new to affiliate marketing. I am thinking of launching a musical blog with new albums reviews etc. I know that Apple Music have their affiliate program. Does someone know if it works? Or it's better to concentrate on some professional music gear sellers? Or maybe music...
  8. webmusic11


    Yes, you heard that right I need help trying to find trance music to promote from other artists here within this network. If there is someone that can help me out. Maybe with a video presentation of where to go and download trance music or techno music that would be awesome. Thank you.
  9. I

    What are you listening to right now?

    My list right now: 1. Walk This Way – Run-DMC 2. Fuck tha Police – NWA 3. Check the Rhyme – A Tribe Called Quest 4. Bring the Pain - Method Ma 5. Judgement Day - Method Man You could say I'm on a bit of an old school hip hop kick currently :p Let's hear some reccs! I'm in a bit of a musical...