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  1. JakeMA

    Announcement MonsterAds Main Sponsors Again!!

    Hey Fixers, We're excited to announce that MonsterAds are main sponsors Again for the Affiliate Ball 17 at ASE New York. We've been main sponsors for 6 years now and it's always our thanks and appreciation to give back to everyone we do business with. Getting our sponsorship in early helps lock...
  2. Ronak Dervaliya

    Review Monsterads!!! Only accept If you Have Earning above 2000$/month

    hi friends i am in CPAmarketing last 1 year i work with most of top networks but today i found a network which only accept professional and who earn 2000$/month. i am really sad because i earn 1500$/month. this rule only for me?
  3. JakeMA

    Event Affiliate Summit West 2017 & Affiliate Ball (Snoop Dogg)

    Six days to go until Affiliate Summit West 2017! The MonsterAds team will be there, we hope to see you also. I wanted to send another reminder that we have a table at the meet market #J2 on the 15th so please stop by and chat. If not, it would be great to spend some time to meet on the 16th...
  4. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Who's looking for Facebook Whitehat offers?

    Hey Fixers, I have some exciting news.... At MonsterAds we've added some great 'Exclusive Whitehat Facebook' offers (Facebook Compliant). One for Biz Opps and the other for eCommerce. The Biz opps converts on a ppl and the eCommerce a free trial. Unfortunately due to the offers being private...
  5. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted New Biz Ops, CPI Gaming, Nutra and Dating at MonsterAds

    Hey Fixers, It's been a busy few weeks for MonsterAds since returning from ASE 2016. We've added some great offers available for you. Verticals include: PPL mainstream and adult dating Biz Op Trials CPI Mobile Gaming Desktop mainstream and adult gaming Teeth Whitening Diet Skin Care Trials...
  6. JakeMA

    Event Affiliate Ball ASE 2016 (Pics)

    The Affiliate Summit was a HUGE success for MonsterAds. We've got lots of exciting deals in the works for you all. We'd like to give a huge thanks to everyone that attended the Affiliate Ball. Without all you lovely advertisers and affiliates we wouldn't sponsor these shows so it's our way of...
  7. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Calling all Gaming Affiliates

    Hey, MonsterAds are excited to announce that we've increased the selection on our gaming offers available. They all convert on both mobile and desktop, single opt in, come in a variety of geos and are some big well known brands. This is easy money if you run this niche or are thinking of...
  8. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted for HOT US Skin Trial with 1cu

    Hey Fixers, I hope all is well. At MonsterAds we've added a great US skin trial which has a 1 click upsell also. This niche is really hot and we've got some cap available for those interested. Give me a shout for more information Cheers
  9. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Brazil Nutra Offers

    Hey All, I hope you've enjoyed the holiday weekend. MonsterAds have some great nutra offers available for Brazil. Both Diet and Skin. We have hosted pre sell landers already available. All you need is the traffic. Give me a shout if you run this vertical and geo :)
  10. JakeMA

    Affiliate Summit East 2016 & Affiliate Ball

    Hey Fixers, Who's attending ASE 2016? It would be great to meet up, grab a beer and see how we can work together. MonsterAds have tons of exclusives and offers for diet, skin, solar, payday, hair loss, credit reports, financial, dating, male enhancement, flashlight, gaming and many more. Also...
  11. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted HOT NEW FLASHLIGHT OFFER

    Hey All, I hope you're well. MonsterAds have a HOT brand new flashlight offer available. I say HOT as this brand has proven epc's of around $3 for FB and native ads. The offer accepts US and CA traffic and best of all its UNCAPPED. Give me a shout for more information and to get approved...
  12. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Do you run Solar? Check out our EXCLUSIVE

    Hold on as MonsterAds have launched the 'hottest' of all Solar deals that's Exclusive to us. If you already run this vertical this offer is a must test. Even if you don't but our interested we have all the required information on targeting and creatives so reach out to get approved. With our...
  13. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Who has FB and Email traffic for India?

    MonsterAds have landed two great deals accepting traffic in India. If you can target this geo please reach out to my skype to discuss further. Unfortunately the offer is private so I can't post the preview. It is however a lead gen, has no cap and best of all we pay net5 weekly. We're looking...
  14. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Exclusive Diet at MonsterAds

    MonsterAds is breaking into the Nutra Vertical in a big way this year. Our first product is launching today: Megatabolizer (US). It is EXCLUSIVE and we have unlimited cap and are looking for a few select partners to run this offer. Direct publishers only. No networks. Hit me up for more...
  15. JakeMA

    Mailer Meet Up (ASW2016)

    Hey Fixers, Apart from being main sponsors for the Affiliate Ball. MonsterAds always sponsor one of the greatest, exclusive, networking events for all the mailers in the industry. If you're heading to ASW next month and you mail you don't want to miss out on this event. The Mailer Meet Up...
  16. JakeMA

    ASW 2016 Affiliate Ball

    Hey Guys, Its that time of year where i'll be gathering peoples names who want VIP to the HOTTEST PARTY whilst at the ASW 2016. The Affiliate Ball is never to be missed with live performances from E-40 and Tha Dogg Pound Give me a shout by email or skype to ensure you get in. MonsterAds...
  17. JakeMA

    All EPCs are NOT created equally

    All EPCs are NOT created equally I wanted to share an article that was written from our Network Manager Chris Patrick. When shopping for a network to run a campaign, how many of you have run a campaign split test between two networks? Most all of you I would guess! Did you know that if you...
  18. JakeMA

    PPL vs PPS which is best for you?

    PPL vs PPS which is best for you? Hey Dojo, Just something i'd like to share with you all as some affiliates overlook this. Having previously worked for a dating advertiser I have a very unique advantage and understanding on how affiliates traffic will convert on the back end for the...
  19. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted HUGE Payouts for New Health Offer

    Hey Fixers, MonsterAds has an awesome high paying health offer you might be interested in testing. If you have any of the following traffic sources you should definitely get in touch with me: Email, FB advertising, social media, seo, search, ppv/ppc We have a trial paying $80 PPS and a...