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  1. Zeydoo

    Guide How to work with mobile apps: VPN, cleaners, software

    Mobile apps in media buying is a vertical that encompasses many different offers: VPN, dating apps, smartphone cleaners, ad blockers, QR code scanners and other useful mobile apps. Zeydoo partners drive dozens of thousands of conversions every month and the manager team launches the best offers...
  2. WildWildLeads

    Why it's worth to provide in event-based betting applications

    "Why provide on anything else when there is betting?" - this is the belief of many traffic arbitrage experts. With you is the WWApps team, and today we will delve into how applications designed for sports events influence conversion rates and make bets even more profitable. The thrill and...
  3. epetoke

    In App Advertising Success Stories

    Hi everyone, just wondering if anyone here has had good success with in app campaigns. Been hearing a lot about in app advertising and we're currently developing an app and would be great to know there is a strong revenue stream to look forward to. Any suggestions about the best networks that...
  4. ismail elouatiq

    Affiliates Wanted Mobile apps offers with highest payout

    Hello I'm ismail elouatik , affiliate manager at 10mediagroup , best marketing performance network. We have great MOBILE CPI offers with highest payouts for many verticals and many geos supported. If you have high mobile traffic please do not hesitate to SIGN UP HERE and...
  5. Elad Cohen

    Aff. Networks and traffic sources for mobile apps

    Hi there fellows. I am trying to see conversions with mobile apps on AirPush and PeerFly. Unfortunately it hasn't been very successful. What other Traffic sources and Aff. Networks specialize with mobile apps? I am looking for partners that are Newbies' "friendly" and have low minimum deposit...
  6. Crest Infotech

    Web Design and Development services

    Crest Infotech is leading website design and development company . We offer website design, web development, SEO services, social media optimization, Mobile application development and much more. We have years of experience working with all the leading web technology, mobile app development...
  7. Max.dong


    we are publisher,we have our own apps and sources,we have high convertion of traffic ,our main tarffic from india、Indonesia、 Pilipinas。we can run offers through means of DLL/google play/offline apk.Our company name is AMOBY TECHNOLOGY (Shanghai) CO., LIMITED And i am one of the business developer
  8. Affiliateaspirant

    Best traffic networks for mobile Pin submit

    Hi All, Do anyone know the best and good performing traffic networks for Mobile PIN submit offers.
  9. Affiliateaspirant

    Mobile App Offers

    Hello Everybody, I am new here, doing good in adult niche but I want to learn and start with mobile apps CPI offers. But don't know how to start and what are good traffic networks. Please help me if you have done that before. Thanks
  10. A

    Native ios + Android Apps for CPA ? Is it possible?

    Is the idea of creating Native iPhone and android apps with sole purpose of CPA marketing a good idea? What types of offers can be promoted with such Native apps? Is it economically feasible as building a native app is much costlier than a website or HTML landing page?