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  1. Honeybadger

    Is there a personal assistant app?

    I'm looking for a mobile or desktop app to help organize my schedule and workload Something that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning So I can talk to it and get fast answers & solutions Also want it to tell me to stop wasting time A digital secretary - does it even exist yet?
  2. Abraham DiGiAff

    Looking For looking for DSP Platform ~ In-App Traffic

    Hey folks, Urgently looking for Quality In-App traffic for our Direct Mobile App offers. User has to must pass IDFA,GAID,APP NAME/SITE ID, PUB ID We do prepayment, if you prove your traffic quality & dont do Click Spamming / Click flooding.
  3. J

    need of mobile app for business

    should I develop a mobile app for my business?
  4. PaltiNet

    looking for the best tool to spy mobile app advertising

    I looking to pay for mobile app spy tool, That will show us where and when publishing apps with DSP that has mobile exchanges like: Mopub / Mobfox / and all the big ones Again only mobile app (not mobile web and native) ! Thanks My Skype = paltinet
  5. sonamg

    natural backlinks

    How to get natural backlinks to my site?
  6. WhatsGoodEvan?

    $11k Profit Months Running Social Casino Apps On Pops!

    So here's a campaign we're actually still running, it's a smaller one, but you can easily scale it. We've only tested one traffic source with this particular campaign. So there are tons of ways to scale this by simply putting it on another traffic source. The reason why we haven't scaled it is...
  7. Scott Fullerton

    How I get more leads through my website?

    I want to know if my company niche related to mobile app development. Our company developed so many app like whatsapp clone uber clone etc. So, how I generate more leads . Please discuss here
  8. Nongmaithem Archna

    Ask Me Anything Looking for mobile affiliates/traffic

    Hi Guys, I am looking for mobile traffic/affiliates who can deliver app installs - all geos but mostly US. I would like to discuss more with you if you are interested. Skype: nong.devi
  9. jowel

    Testing app on iPhone

    Hello, I looking for any resource where I could test a mobile iOS app. I do not want to register an account with Apple. Any advice ?
  10. Nongmaithem Archna

    Network Wanted I am looking for quality affiliate networks

    Dear All, I would need quality networks that offer good campaigns- apps, games etc. Please let me know if you have any suggestion. Hope to see the best offers! Thanks, Archna
  11. Cpa Expert

    Looking For Mobile app incent offers

    Hello, I have mobile incent traffic from content lockers on sites. If you are a network representative and have such offers which are active, work good just reach me. The conversion flow should be sign up or install + opening.
  12. C

    Tracking problem with Adwords and Affiliate Networks

    Hi, I'd began work with US and Europe affiliate networks. Generally I'm working with CIS affiliate networks. And at once I faced with problem with Adwords and affiliate networks. I run traffic on mobile app. What I do: 1) I create campaign on mobile apps on Adwords 2) When I create creatives I...
  13. alexmobileader

    Im account manager of CPI Network Mobileader

    Hi! My name is Alex. Im account manager of russian CPI Network. We promote mobile apps. I specilize in media buying and mobile media marketing and advertising. Im looking for new publishers and new way to monetize your traffic. I want to earn money together with you. 1. im waiting new ideas...
  14. marzz123

    Affiliates Wanted Sign Up to Play the Game and Earn Like A Pro - NFL MLS NBA EPL FIFA MLB NHL

  15. marzz123

    Here to Learn How to Promote

    Hello Friends I AM New to this affiliate marketing industry. Like everyone here I have something to promote and am looking for the best ways to generate traffic and conversions. I hope to learn from all of your experiences collectively and look forward to hearing your suggestions and...