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  1. Dario

    Looking For Looking for more incent US traffic for our high converting campaigns!

    Hey guys, recently we have just added few new high paying and high converting campaigns for US. Many affiliates are seeing HIGH cr and epc with them, so If you have incent US traffic, you can promote them directly or on our lockers. If you are unhappy with performance on your current...
  2. juzlee

    How To Install A File/Link Locker Template In CPAGrip, MGCash and CPALead

    Based on my short time here in AffiliateFix, there are still tons of users who still don't know that file/link locker exists in CPALead/CPAGrip/MGCash or they don't even know how to use or install a template there. So I decided to make a quick tutorial on how to install templates on...
  3. Dario

    Announcement New revolutionary tool from Mgcash team - Youtube Monetizer!

    More info: Youtube Monetizer - Best Tool for Youtube Video and Channel Monetization!
  4. Dario

    Announcement New tool from Mgcash Team - URL Shrinker!

    Hi guys, Mgcash Team want to introduce you our new tool - URL Shrinker! The No.1 Link Shortening Tool for Affiliates & Marketers. Monetize every single link you share. You can now monetize traffic coming from your website, blogs, social profiles, YouTube, Soundcloud, Pinterest, Twitter...
  5. Dario

    Announcement Mgcash Media - New update on our mobile locker!

    New update on our mobile locker is here! We have just added more templates to our mobile locker and you can edit the header text too! Log into your Mgcash account and start to monetize your mobile traffic with us :)
  6. Dario

    Affiliates Wanted Mgcash Media is looking for more affiliates - over 1300 direct incentive campaigns!

  7. Dario

    New Angry Birds 2 Pre-Hosted Landing

    Mgcash is giving you one more landing page : Angry Birds 2 ! Get this up on your traffic asap! Preview Link Log into your Mgcash account to create this landing page, this can be found under Pre-Hosted landings Also If you do not have an Mgcash...