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  1. dnoriegas

    My history in this affiliate world short intro presentation.

    Hi guys! I am Mexican Living in Prague, my home city in Mexico is called Guadalajara, i hope that you are familiar with the name (Is close to tequila city :)) Well 5 years ago Uber Eats was launched in my city, I was really lucky I created a FB fan page and for some reason (It was called uber...
  2. commit

    Recommend me offers for Mexico

    Hi guys. Need your help. There is a traffic source, mainly Mexico. The volume is about 40k kicks per month. The task is to monetize it with offers. Now Amazon is used, but there is a desire to test with other offers / affiliate programs. Please advise! Thank you in advance!

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    WIN AN IPHONE 11 OR A SAMSUNG S20 Do you have good traffic in Spain and Mexico? Check our current BEST Sweeps! The offers are responsive, they will work well with both desktop & mobile traffic. Don’t miss this opportunity and request your URLs using the OfferIDs in MOBIPIUM's Market! Still...

    Where are the LatAm Affiliates??

    Hi everyone, are there any LatAm Affiliates in this Forum? Lets get in touch :) Skype: simon.imocash BR Simon
  5. Marco Acero

    Lets Network ;)

    Hey, guys, I've just joined the forum, not the field. Quick intro: Passionate affiliate, technical minded but with degrees in design and business. Have been an affiliate for a few months now. I've had minor successes and remain skeptical of people making it big. I should say, making it big...