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merch by amazon

  1. John Garci

    Merch By Amazon (MBA)

    Merch By Amazon (MBA) is a print-on-demand T-shirt service from Amazon. It functions as a business that’s separate from Amazon, while still receiving all the perks and benefits of the Amazon platform. You upload your design or logo to the Merch T-shirt template, choose a T-shirt style and...
  2. Guinness

    My second payment from Merch by amazon

    Hi guys, this is my second payment from merch since my account approved. not much but i'm happy because this works. and this is without any ads. and reached 30 sales total and waiting to next tier (100 live designs). TIP: Create awesome design for popular niche. if your bank country not listed...
  3. Guinness

    My first Merch Amazon sales

    After waiting about 5-6 months, finally my account approved. no marketing and no ads. the design from my old teespring campaign, i just reupload to my merch.