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  1. A

    New Member - Introduction

    Hello, My name is Alex I am currently a college student in Los Angeles and I have been looking to learn more about affiliate marketing and in doing some research on places to start learning I stumbled upon AffiliateFix which I am excited to be apart of!
  2. Jaguar007

    Introduction & Quick Overview

    Hi Fam, I'm Prateek from India! I am 27 Years old and I like CPA marketing. I am an avid learner and operate from a Growth Mindset. I constantly look forward to connecting and networking with like-minded people to contribute and learn from them. Happy to be here. Thanks
  3. Recroot

    New member and affiliate program

    Hello all, Recroot here; happy to be part of AffiliateFix and being connected to you. Recroot is a broker between your recruitment leads and recruitment agencies. We help activate your network to refer recruitment leads to us. In return we give you up to $5,000 to keep, share, or donate to...
  4. W

    Hello to all i am new here

    Hello dear, This is anuj and i am new here and currently i work in cpi, cpc so i learn many things from this forum. I hope you help me out. Regards & Thansks, Anuj
  5. Raihan Saiful

    Hi Everyone

    Hi, this is Raihan. I am affiliate marketer in amazon last 2 year. I am new in this forum.
  6. ladyjadeconcierge

    Hi, Forum Members

    Hi, forum members. Not an affiliate marketer. I'm small business owner providing concierge services.
  7. arly williandana

    hi all

    iam indonesian, new with affiliate and cpa, and now iam new join here today :D , hopely can studied/teach with senior member here. happy today..!