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  1. micoangelo

    POLL: Is Megapush S******g Affiliates? WARNING: Please read this before using

    WARNING: Read this BEFORE you buy media from Megapush ( for your push traffic needs Hey Fixers! I made a tiny test campaign today, set at a $13 budget. Seems like it should be manageable, no? Got approved, smooth sailing thus far, so I grabbed a quick bite for lunch. Came back and...
  2. S

    Push Notifications + Affiliate offers

    Hey guys, I`m doing digital advertising on a business level, and we recently discovered Push Notifications as a source of traffic that works very well. We are working with MegaPush and RichPush atm. My questions is, or more of a request for starting advice, on how to use the Push traffic for...
  3. MegapushChris


    Hello everyone ! My name is Christian im a Marketing manager from , , MegaPush is the first advertising network which allows you to deliver an advertisement to the users through Push Notifications.