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  1. Jonathon Walker

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Everyone, Jonathon Walker from Transparent Traders here. We offer one of the best commission rates in the industry. Our commission rate of 35% will pay these rates for our 1-month subscription, and 6-month subscription packages: 1-month commission = $41.98 per subscription 6-month...
  2. SteveHolt

    Second Wave Marketer from California Saying Hello

    Hey Warriors Here to introduce myself, I have been in social media marketing since 2003.. So it's been a while for me. If anyone wants to learn anything about Facebook ads, Instagram influencers, SEO, PPC, Outdoor advertising, software and programming, I'm you guy! I bet you're wondering about...
  3. Tim Martin

    C's of Marketing

    Organizations are always seeking out for new and keen methodologies for Advertising their products and services, and one tool is especially useful in finding such methodologies the C's of Marketing. Customer Culture Convenience Competition Communication Consistence Customization Coordination...
  4. Anna2017

    Announcement !!!! 191k+ affiliate offers. all niches. all geo's

    Affbank - it is CPA Affiliate Offers Search Engine and Networks Directory with great tools for Affiliates Affbank provides you an easy search of 191k+ offers from 155 Affiliate Networks. You can look up and compare payouts, GEO's and landing pages! Affbank has powerful and free Spy Tool -...
  5. affbro

    Which is best CPI Network? Please help

    Hello friends i am newbie in affiliate market and started to promote some CPI incentive offer. So my question is Which is best CPI network with incentive offer ?(mainly for USA, India,UK, Indonesia) Which is best CPI ad market? Please suggest any method to promote :)
  6. I

    What do you like the most about AM??

    Let's get these boards lively again :) So besides the money what do you like about affiliate marketing the most? Is it independence, freedom etc? I'm not an affiliate marketer but as a marketing coordinator for an ad network I work with them :) And I gotta say networking, making connections...
  7. Noe Morin

    Hi, I'm Noe

    I've been marketing for about 6 months wih clickbank and maxbounty through bing,buysellads, and 7search., but have been unable to scale or be consistent. I hope joining this forum will help me learn to succeed.
  8. Riccardo de Dato


    Hi guys, I m italian beginner marketer. I'd like to meet other marketer from Italy here.
  9. Harvey park


    One of the main reasons i took on the role as an affiliate manager with EPIC LYFE was because i saw the value in the affiliated side to the programme.With epic lyfe they had an alternative to the CPA market because not only do you get paid for the CPA you continue to get paid over and...