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looking for affiliate

  1. affani

    Affiliates Wanted I am looking for an Affiliate

    We have Dating Offers: Our platform is optimized view real-time statistics and paid on Net-15 and Net-30 payment platform is Wire, Paypal, Payoneer, EpayService
  2. Vadim Alfaleads

    Alfaleads looking for affiliates:)

    Hello, everyone and nice to join your community! My name is Vadim, I am an affiliate manager in Alfaleads. We are one of the biggest gambling affiliate networks in industry and offering the best deals from top brands, web view apps for FB, Tik-Tok and UAC, quick withdrawal of your funds and more...
  3. G

    Ask Me Anything ebay store need to be affiliated

    eBay store need to be affiliated I am selling the niche product at ebay, most of them can't be bought from outside of China. Items like Razer Pikachu are published and sold only in China. My store opened up the channel and do international delivery. I am also planning to open up an independent...
  4. Jstmore

    Affiliates Wanted JSTmore - Influencer Affiliate Program | Monthly Payments | CPA Rev-Share | WW

    Are you looking for steady earnings in an untapped niche? Then you came to the right thread. It's common knowledge that influencers are the most effective source of targeted advertising and marketing for brands. Even more so, it's not unheard of, to see influencers making over $50k per...
  5. C

    New Here!

    My name is Charlie and I am looking for HQ CPI traffic
  6. TechMan33

    Affiliates Wanted SaaS B2B Website tool - Lifetime Converted Customer Revenue Share!

    Do you have traffic with Website Owners - Particularly ones that offer free content (DIY, Articles, Advice, Instructions) or ecommerce? If so, you need to sign up to be an affiliate for TallyRise! Details of TallyRise are below, the most important being Commission! Commission - Early...
  7. Oksana Soboleva

    Have many good-going CPI/CPA/CPL campaigns!

    LOOKING FOR PUBLISHERS with CPI/CPA/CPL traffic; Tier 1, 2 and Asia; Games, Shopping, Dating, Utilities etc. Guys, let's skyrocket our revenue together :)
  8. Guy Tal

    How affiliate managers spend time and money on searching irrelevant affiliates

    There are a few methods to find relevant affiliates for promoting your affiliate program. In this post, i will describe a few of them, some of these methods can be time killing tasks. Advertising: affiliate managers invest high budget in ppc or different media sources to recruit affiliates...