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link locker

  1. wesam

    how track affiliate links for other affiliate

    Hey I want to know how i can track other affiliate link for other affiliate website or link under YouTube description , i mean i just want to know how many clicks the link get . thanks
  2. F

    a newbie needs help on cpagrip

    good day everyone. i"m just havin a little problem in my cpa journey and decided to seek for help. i registered in cpagrip, accout approve but i'm confuse on how to use their like locker and content locker. i usually thought that after locking a link and if a user want to access my link a...
  3. Bonnie Hammonds

    Partnership CPACash | High Rate Offers - Weekly Payment | Content Locking

    CPA Cash Your number one affiliate network. We will help you earn more cash from your websites, your apps, your content, your email campaigns Or anything else you do! Earn more from your games, apps or websites CPA Network is an exclusive CPA (Cost-Per-Action) Network that allows Affiliates to...
  4. juzlee

    [GUIDE] CPAGrip Link Locker Tags

    Link Locker tags are easy to use especially when you are building simple landing pages for your campaigns but still there few people who don't know how to use them or they don't know that link locker tags exist so I made a short description for these tags. {%offers%} - This tag is responsible...
  5. juzlee

    How To Install A File/Link Locker Template In CPAGrip, MGCash and CPALead

    Based on my short time here in AffiliateFix, there are still tons of users who still don't know that file/link locker exists in CPALead/CPAGrip/MGCash or they don't even know how to use or install a template there. So I decided to make a quick tutorial on how to install templates on...
  6. D

    Affiliates Wanted Mgcash Media is looking for more affiliates - over 1300 direct incentive campaigns!