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  1. Rachel van Dijk

    How long does it take to get a new resource moderated?

    Hello from! I have attempted to list a new resource & I would like to know how long it takes to be moderated & if I would be notified via email when it has been accepted? Thankyou so much & I hope you enjoy our Newest "Postcard Peeks" image shown below!
  2. Rachel van Dijk

    LaRenard Our "Postcard Peeks" of our products for 2019.

    LaRenard - Our "Postcard Peeks" have been designed for our customers & reps to easily download & share on all their social bits & pieces. Enjoy :)
  3. Rachel van Dijk

    Hello from LaRenard

    I'm looking into affiliate marketing for a variety of reasons & look forward to chatting with affiliate marketers here. I am co-owner of We are an independent creative design studio with over 3000 products and growing! I hope to be working with you & fellow marketers in the...