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  1. P

    How to set up Landing Page Tracking for Pop Offer with Maxbounty

    When I make my prelander that goes to a Maxbounty offer, I only have to put in the tracking id that Maxbounty gives me in the redirect url and that's all right? I don't need to specify the postback url in the html code? Or anything else? It's the campaign link that Maxbounty gave me, not the...
  2. P

    Pop Ads Creatives and Prelanders

    So I'm getting started with Pop Ads with Voluum tracking. And I have the offers with their landing pages, but I'm lost on how to design the ads. I have adplexity too but most of the ad creatives are garbage or spammy offers. What size do I need? Can I just design this ad in photoshop and then...
  3. K.O

    Hi all, I am K.O and I'm an Eager to learn Newbie.

    As a newbie trying to start CPA Marketing, do I really need a VPS hosting?
  4. Mrcheaply

    How Can I Make One Button To Open Two Links?

    Please can anyone explain how I can make a CTA button on my landing page (when clicked) to open the target offer page in a new tab, but also open another lander in the SAME tab as the first lander? Anyone, please?
  5. M

    why I am not able to search offers on Adplexity?

    Hello, I am searching offers on adplexity mobile but unable to find offers from my affiliate networks. These are top offers in my network so surely they are getting more traffic. but still nothing is coming on the name of those offers, I have searched using keywords of the offer. Also I have...
  6. bcoelho

    Selling Awesome Landing Page Services

    Hi! My name is Bruno and I work at Mopiu, we’re a small design and development studio in Portugal. We specialise in landing pages for affiliates and internet marketers. We work to create high converting landing pages that look great and make money for our clients. Our landing page service...
  7. Phuong

    Best Effectively Way To Make Ads And Landing Page

    Hi all, im newbie and i have so small budget. That's why i can not hire a professional programer to work for me. i want you share with me how to creat ads and make lading page. P/s: i never run a campaign before. Now im get in stuck with ads, lander, landing page .