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    Affiliates Wanted Geo US only, English speaking, CPL&CPS

    Here is more information about our offer for you as affiliate: - Accepted traffic: display, email, search, PPC, contextual, mobile - Geo US only, English speaking - restrictions: No Craiglist or incentive based campaigns, no trademark bidding. - Mobile optimized campaign - 2 versions...
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    Affiliates Wanted KidsCasting

    Hello ! My name is Kristers Grinbergs and I am representing Casting Dynamics LLC. I got very special offer for you ! It’s been a huge SUCCESS for selected affiliates who got on board already ! So the special offer is - Get $ 50 for each new customer who purchases any...
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    Greetings from Kristers Grinbergs !

    Hello ! My name is Kristers Grinbergs, and I represent Casting Dynamics LLC. So, I decided to join this forum because it seems that here is a lot of useful information, many guides, smart affiliate marketers, and a lot of experts. I hope that here I meet new business partners to corporate...