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  1. R

    Keyword Targeting On Outbrain

    Hey guys, Has anyone done contextual keyword targeting on Outbrain and would you recommend doing this or do you think better to just start blacklisting broad and optimize from there? Thank you!
  2. Graybeard

    CPC/PPC database and API

    GrepWords - Google Keyword Suggestion Tool This looks interesting -- anyone use it? Here is how to use the free download - Code: sed 's/"//g' cpc.csv|grep 'keyword1'|sort -t',' -k3 -nr|grep 'keyword2' |less LINUX terminal or on your server in SSH. Too bad the list is from 2015 <the FREE one...
  3. Hinkys

    Selling ♜♜♜ Find Affiliate Niche Ideas That NOBODY Else Has ♜♜♜ Largest Niche Keyword List On The Market

    Hi guys, I'm offering the largest keyword list on the market. It's a list of over 1.3 million keywords organized in 1846 niches. It includes almost every niche you can think of and MANY niches you never even heard about. How Can You Profit From This List? Find untapped niches and bank on...