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  1. Keitaro

    Official Keitaro JS Script for pro affiliates

    If you are looking for a good technical solution to set up your traffic from Facebook, Google, or other popular sources, then this article can be of great use to you. I will be showing you a real working case on the tracker, which is successfully used by affiliates from eastern Europe, to launch...
  2. 3Snet network

    Keitaro promotional code from 3snet

    Keitaro is a tracker for traffic arbitrage and CPA marketing. Keitaro - is the traffic targeting, which i ncreases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, provides flexible reports and protection from bots. Discount for Keitaro services: 20% for the first purchase for 3snet publishers. To...
  3. MinhN

    Cloaking Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords with Keitaro

    For cloaking we need: 1. A safe page, which will be shown to moderators and advertising network bos. 2. An offer, money page. 3. Keitaro tracker. 4. A domain for tracker. Prepare a safe page Below is one of the ways to create a safe page. Find a landing page, which doesn’t violate advertising...