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    Let's get technical: all you need for media buying (Part 3)

    This is our third and last part of the series on everything you need to start out with media buying. You can catch up with Part 1 and Part 2 if you did not read it already. And then join us for the second part! Setting up the tracker and link cloaking Let’s choose a tracker that will also play...
  2. Keitaro

    Keitaro is back

    Hello, friends! Keitaro is back. We would like to catch you up on the latest news and exciting updates of the tracker, which have accumulated during our absence. All this time we have been actively working on improving our product to make it more convenient, efficient, and reliable for you...
  3. Keitaro

    Official Keitaro JS Script for pro affiliates

    If you are looking for a good technical solution to set up your traffic from Facebook, Google, or other popular sources, then this article can be of great use to you. I will be showing you a real working case on the tracker, which is successfully used by affiliates from eastern Europe, to launch...
  4. 3Snet network

    Keitaro promotional code from 3snet

    Keitaro is a tracker for traffic arbitrage and CPA marketing. Keitaro - is the traffic targeting, which i ncreases the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, provides flexible reports and protection from bots. Discount for Keitaro services: 20% for the first purchase for 3snet publishers. To...
  5. MinhN

    Cloaking Facebook, Instagram and Google Adwords with Keitaro

    For cloaking we need: 1. A safe page, which will be shown to moderators and advertising network bos. 2. An offer, money page. 3. Keitaro tracker. 4. A domain for tracker. Prepare a safe page Below is one of the ways to create a safe page. Find a landing page, which doesn’t violate advertising...