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  1. Phill AdsBridge

    AdsBridge+MegaPush=trusted relationships!

    Recently we added the new traffic source, on our trusted templates! Being a user of, you may get a 25% off on AdsBridge tracker! Use promocode - MegaPush25. Soon we will update you with the detailed users guide about how to set campaign with
  2. E

    Affiliate Landing Page

    Hello guys, Looking to hire Landing page tied with aff system integration. Please pm
  3. Addvertize

    Official Addvertize [Deleted]

    Addvertize submitted a new resource: Addvertize - A brand-new mediation network and app protection service in one click. Read more about this resource...
  4. B

    How to integrate Advertiser System quickly by API

    Hello Everyone If u get a new advertiser, u maybe wanna integrate advertiser by Api. Through API, U can get the newest Campaigns quickly and save much time to avoid create/edit/pause offer. But most of Affiliate Network/Publisher will spend much money to find a tech that write code to...
  5. Julesmb

    in the house!

    Hi! Im Juliana Just joint the forum, amazing content. Im sure here I can find all answers Im looking for my tons of questions. :)
  6. Elad Cohen

    integrating Voluum with Airpush

    Hi, i would like to integrate Voluum with Airpush DSP. i want to update the cost of each campaign using API. meaning that voluum will pull the cost from airpush automatically how do i do it?
  7. trackingdesk

    TrackingDesk API integration with Hasoffers - 1 click

    API integration can sound a bit scary, but once you realize that we've done the hard work so you can enjoy a 1 click integration of any affiliate network running on hasoffers into TrackingDesk, it will sound like honey! In a nutshell: - Import and sync all your offers, tracking links, payouts...