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  1. Perimeter 81

    Event Meet us at Affiliate Summit East 21 and get $1200 CPA

    Hi everyone. Perimeter 81 is the best Business VPN Affiliate Program in the Cyber Security field. Meet us at Affiliate Summit East 21 in New York this July and get a $1200 CPA. To schedule a meeting contact me
  2. Alan Jenkins

    New US Loan offer available

    If you're interested in running a new US loan offer then please get in touch with my colleague on Skype alan.cutler_4 - $50 payout!!! Creatives provided and we can have you up and running in no time.
  3. danielrog

    Official Looking for Affiliate marketers to promote health&beauty products

    Hello, Currently, Lidango LLC is expanding its affiliate marketing looking for people like you - to promote our health&beauty products, CPL basis, with payouts reaching up to $30 per lead generated. If you are interested, contact me live:rogachevmarketingATgmailDOTcom or...
  4. affinteractive

    Affiliates Wanted We are looking for quality traffic for EXCLUSIVE offers

    We are looking for quality traffic for our exclusive offers. Find details below. Category : Finance & Insurance Traffic Type: EMAIL, DISPLAY GEOS: UNITED STATES PAYOUT TYPES: CPL/ CPA if you have any other questions feel free to ask or add me on Skype : "affinteractive". Let's make some money...