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  1. MacondoForever

    Hola from Macondo Forever

    Hola! Good morning Affiliate Fix! We are Macondo Forever - an online store dedicated to improve the lives of Colombian artisans thru the sale of beautiful, handmade placemats, napkin rings, vases, centerpieces and other handmade Iraca home decor products. We are so excited to be a part of this...
  2. A

    Ask Me Anything FREE LANDING PAGE!

    Just thought I would share a landing page that converts well and can be edited to suit your campaign. It's for the weight loss niche, I found it converted well with low cost weight loss products, through push ads surprisingly. Edits can be made if you want to comply with certain ad networks...
  3. RichAds

    Selling Traffic Push, Pops, and Native ads from RichAds!

    RichAds – Where Scale meets performance. Develop your advertising with our global self-serve performance ad platform. We offer push, pops, native formats. Use the power of our ad formats to capture new quality leads from premium sources. ⚙️ RichAds traffic quality is verified by Adscore. We...
  4. Lidango LLC

    Lidango LLC

    Hello All, We are Lidango LLC and we are in the business from around 10 years till now. We are merchants and exclusive advertisers on our products. We have many beauty, cosmetic and health products which convert really well. We advertise our products around the globe in 50+ countries. Our main...
  5. Chris_StudyBAY

    StuduBay - The largest Affiliate Program for educational traffic monetization

    Most of you have already worked with different Affiliate programs in edu niche! You can earn a good profit from it. But we made something unique for you! We are happy to introduce you our essay affiliate program - StudyBay. What is StudyBay? StudyBay – is the freelance marketplace for...
  6. N

    Ask Me Anything Hi Guys, looking for new affiliates to our program.

    Hi, My name is nick the sales manager of Kody media. We are expanding our affiliate program to more venues and would like to discuss rev share options . We are currently posting on the warrior forum . The payout in our program is $350 per sale for the medium program and $525 for our large...
  7. Alex.upclick

    Affiliates Wanted Great high payout CPA Network

    JOIN FOR FREE! UpClick is looking for more affiliates to promote our hot new Software offers! Have email traffic? Website traffic? or maybe even a Blog with followers? Join now and lets monetize it! Our top affiliates are making over 1000$ a day in sales! We have top brands and top quality...
  8. E

    Hello Everybody...:) High payout CPA program offered through me

    Hi I'm Elias and I manage the affiliate programs for some of the highest traffic websites you are all surely very familiar with. I am looking for websites to host our Ads; Earn BIG up to $38 in Northern Europe Referrals up to 10% for lifetime Earn up to 2x promos Custom banners/iframe 100%...