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  1. Dylan-Eco

    Official Promote Waterdrop New Product and Earn an Extra $5000 a Month

    Waterdrop will launch a RO Water Cooler Dispenser named Waterdrop A1, combining cooling, heating, and purification functions. what you will get from promoting Waterdrop's new products: We offer high commission rates of 15% for this product in the first 3 months. Timely commission payments...
  2. AuthorityGuide

    How to Start High-Ticket Affiliate Marketing

    Hi friend, if anyone has experience in High-ticket affiliate marketing, please provide guidance on what's the right way to start high-ticket affiliate marketing? I mean what's the most authentic platform? which Micro-Niche is best to focus on (in beginning)? and which traffic source is worth using?
  3. StatusCakeAffiliates

    Affiliates Wanted 30% Recurring Lifetime Commission Any Geos Accepted Easy Application

    We are looking for affiliates from any geos to promote our website performance monitoring services - Earn 30% Lifetime commissions Apply Now: StatusCake Partners
  4. StatusCakeAffiliates

    Affiliates Wanted StatusCake Partners Looking for Worldwide Affiliates

    StatusCake Partners is welcoming affiliate applications from any geos to promote our Uptime and Website Monitoring Services. Earn 30% recurring lifetime commission for any of our paid monthly or annual plans. Not only once but you get paid every time the customers referred by you renew their...
  5. Alex admitad

    Announcement 50% Higher traffic for new publishers

    Hello everyone! admitad continues the season of higher rates for new publishers. The list of offers has grown. If you will join us today, you will have time to enjoy the season of increased rates for new admitad publishers. Join us right now and enjoy the 50% higher rates till the 31st of December.
  6. Eric hunter

    Affiliates Wanted Hybrid Commission Scheme - €€€ High CPA & CPL €€€

    One of the leading Immigration Compay - We Focused on helping people move to Canada with full cover services. You get high commission per verified lead and per sale. You have the advantage in both getting commissions from a self deposit-people that pay by themselves on our website- after the...
  7. clickman

    Looking for traffic and affiliates!

    Hi Everybody, I'm new to AffFix - I manage several different products through my own Aff/Processing Platform and I'm always looking for great new traffic ideas and Affiliates to work with. I'm aggressive on commissions, so drop me a line if you want to make some extra $$$$$!
  8. Mask of Mint

    High and low ticket affiliation

    Hi community, I am from Paris, France. I am have two streams of revenues - high ticket occasional affiliate revenue generation and low ticket regular revenue streams. I am quite experienced technically but I consider myself novice when it comes to marketing. I am looking forward to sharing...
  9. N

    Ask Me Anything Hi Guys, looking for new affiliates to our program.

    Hi, My name is nick the sales manager of Kody media. We are expanding our affiliate program to more venues and would like to discuss rev share options . We are currently posting on the warrior forum . The payout in our program is $350 per sale for the medium program and $525 for our large...
  10. K

    Can we really earn 60% commission by being an affiliate?

    I was searching WP themes for one of my clients, when i came across a premium WordPress theme site, Styled Themes. Here they are offering 60% commission per sale. It is quite hard to believe that they are offering 60% commission for selling their products. I would like some insights on cashing...