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health insurance

  1. L

    Official SafetyWing Nomad Insurance Ambassador Program [Deleted]

    Luke P submitted a new resource: SafetyWing Nomad Insurance Ambassador Program - 10% referral fees, up to $600 per new Ambassador referred. Read more about this resource...
  2. MarketCall

    Webinar "How to run Health Insurance Pay Per Call offers on Facebook ads"

    Marketcall team shared the case study on running health insurance offer with facebook ads and answered participants questions. In this webinar you will find: Types of Facebook ads flow for health insurance Which campaign type converts best for pay per call offer How to target right audience...
  3. MarketCall

    Looking For Do you generate Auto and Health Insurance calls?

    Hello, Pay per callers! We are looking for inbound Auto Insurance and Health Insurance calls. Payout is dynamic and depends on the region of the caller. For Auto Insurance the payout is up to 38$ per call. For Health Insurance payout is up to 50$ per call. PM us and get the table with states...
  4. Mrearn

    Retirement,health insurance and other topics

    I currently work a state job 40 hours a week but truly miss working on IM. Living in the US its very hard to be Self employed without being taxed highly, second, pay high premiums and co pays for medical services and three worrying about getting older and having long term care covered. I was...