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  1. Honeybadger

    Ask Me Anything 20 Ways to Have Sex With Google Every Day

    Ok so the thread title it might be considered click bait --> hey I am a student of Neil Patel Sharing some real SEO tips with you if you want to be ranked in Google do these things every day --> and ignore the Google Sandbox Theory Myth it is just an excuse for lazy people who like conspiracy...
  2. Honeybadger

    SEO is VERY hard (all #1 sites are cheating)

    SEO is very easy SEO comes down 2 things Question (customer asks) Answer (you provide) If you give best answer (wins), you get located near question (A) number of people ask (B) question (C) number of times per (D) time period Doesn't matter if its Fashion Porn Software Hardware Self...
  3. Dahab

    Happy to join affiliatefix! happy affiliate!

    Thank you affiliatefix team for your great forum My name is Sameh, I like email marketing and affiliate marketing like the Amazon affiliate program and clickbank, article marketing and I used several tracking platforms like google analytics, Wordpress stats, ad Trackz gold and click magic. So...
  4. leadinfo1980

    Business Development/Social Media/ Web Traffic /SEO

    Hello, Welcome to My Business Development/Social Media/ Web Traffic /SEO World