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google algorithm

  1. Honeybadger

    About This Result: Google Changes Search Results

    Google released a SEO change to search results last week Posted February 1, 2021
  2. Honeybadger

    SEO is VERY hard (all #1 sites are cheating)

    SEO is very easy SEO comes down 2 things Question (customer asks) Answer (you provide) If you give best answer (wins), you get located near question (A) number of people ask (B) question (C) number of times per (D) time period Doesn't matter if its Fashion Porn Software Hardware Self...
  3. Honeybadger

    Frequently Unanswered Questions

    Google Question Hub is not a website, it's just a landing page What is Google Question Hub? Why its only available for United States, India, Indonesia, and Nigeria? When will it not be an e-mail harvesting job?
  4. Honeybadger

    Google Algorithm Update for May 2021

    Google said yesterday on Webmaster Blog that Core Web Vitals (CWV) page experience signals will become part of ranking algorithm in May 2021, and "We encourage you to get started on evaluating your sites using the tools and documentation detailed on this page" This is what action to take this...
  5. Honeybadger

    How does Google treat affiliate links? 22 Best Practises

    This article covers 22 best practises for affiliate marketers that rely on organic search traffic from Google. If you don't rely on organic search traffic from Google, or you think SEO is a dead in 2020, then you can simply ignore this article. It's not an argument about the pros and cons of...
  6. J

    Content is not indexing

    I'm uploading my blogs daily and doing SEO and also integrate with Search Console but my blogs are not indexing. Any suggestions?
  7. Nilesh Jha

    What could we do for new google algorithm today?

    The new Google algorithm is gonna look for publishing date before the domain and authority. Also, the snippets with stars are of no value today. What do you think we need to do with our websites to rank for the desired keyword?