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ftc compliance lawyer

  1. Honeybadger

    FTC PrivacyCon 2021

    Federal Trade Commission hosts its 6th annual PrivacyCon on July 27, 2021 It's free and open to the public, live webcast from 9am PrivacyCon 2020 --> Watch Part 1 - Watch Part 2
  2. Richard B. Newman

    FTC Compliance Lawyer Alert: Debt Relief Document Preparation Services and the MARS Rule

    For years, the Federal Trade Commission and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau have actively investigated and taken action against entities and individuals that engage in deceptive mortgage assistance relief operations. Red flags for regulators include, but are not limited to: False claims -...
  3. Richard B. Newman

    FTC Defense Lawyer: Authorities Crackdown on Tech Support Scams

    The Federal Trade Commission, along with federal, state and international law enforcement partners, have announced “Operation Tech Trap,” a nationwide and international crackdown on tech support scams that deceive consumers into believing their computers are infected with viruses and malware...