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  1. azgold

    [NEWS] The End of Freelancing and Gig Work in California?

    While vetting a new registration this morning, I came across an article in Forbes that should be of interest to anyone who is a freelancer/independent contractor in California. This may be a type of death nell to the work freedom you're used to. Now, in order for Californian companies to have...
  2. shafi kasmani

    $56.14 freelancer affiliate link with free blog

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  3. Mr.Owen

    Suggestion A freelancer section?

    Hey guys, I am currently looking for freelancer and thought it would be a good way to ask in this forum here. However, there is no section or sub forum as I've thought there would be (or I'm blind). Is there a way to introduce a freelancer section in this forum?
  4. Tanvir Showkat


    Hi I am a freelancer. Interested to works on CPA.