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  1. B

    Picking a Sub-Niche

    Hi guys, I decided that I am going to focus and stick to affliate marketing and not CPA marketing mainly because I want to build a brand and stick to one thing. I want to focus on something that I am passionate about and for me that is football (soccer). How can I find unique ideas for a...
  2. Daria_WapEmpire

    Affiliates Wanted Mobile CPA sports offers

    Sports is maybe not as popular as Cryptocurrency, still it has its fans and will always have. Check out what you can do with these top sports offers an get more of them at WapEmpire! AE WWE Club Etisalat(10845) Payout $1.5 BD Cricket Zone Redirect (21217) Payout $0.12 BR FIFA 2018 (21446)...
  3. Marc

    Terror-Attack on Dortmund Football-Team :P

    What a BS ! The Madness does not even stop before athletes :p Yesterday evening the team-bus of BVB Dortmund was attacked by 3 blasts while the football players were on their way to the Stadium for the Champions League quarterfinal match against AS Monaco. The game had to be canceled. Latest...