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  1. Bloody Tourist

    Favorite vertical and affiliate network?

    Hey guys, this question was asked way back in 2006. We're in 2017 now and the community has grown massively, so I'm curious: => What verticals are you running? => What's your favorite affiliate network and why? EDIT: This is not an invitation for AM's to come in and promote your networks...
  2. wowmason

    What is your favourite affiliate network this year and why?

    As the title suggests, what's your go-to/favourite network this year and why?
  3. I

    What do you like the most about AM??

    Let's get these boards lively again :) So besides the money what do you like about affiliate marketing the most? Is it independence, freedom etc? I'm not an affiliate marketer but as a marketing coordinator for an ad network I work with them :) And I gotta say networking, making connections...