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  1. C

    A question about facebook group posts

    Hello everyone, I’m a little bit stuck here. I run a Facebook Page and several groups - they’re all used to promote my site. And it turns out that certain posts have a really impressive reach, while others demonstrate an incredibly low reach, regardless of the number of likes and reposts they...
  2. Alex Maxim

    Where Can Merchants Find Facebook Groups Affiliate Marketers?

    Hey there guys, I hope that this post finds you all in excellent spirits, and that you are having a great day. I have come across a lot of articles about how affiliates can make money by creating Facebook Groups in various niches (e.g. education, health) and selling products via these groups...
  3. David Mali

    $100 Daily With A Free Traffic Source

    Hello Guys 1 - Joined Mylead 2 - Got an offer Email/phone submit (game of thrones offer) 3 - created a small landing page for the offer to redirect them to the offer link 4 - joined some game of thrones groups of facebook and created a small name design (game of thrones style) and posted if you...
  4. David Mali

    $200 Payment From a Simple Facebook Post

    Hey guys i wanted to share this simple way to make money for FREE from facebook groups first of all here is my payment from a small business owner who needed to create a facebook campaign for his handmade necklaces So basically all i did is .. i joined arts and crafts groups and shared...
  5. David Mali

    CPA Marketing - How To Start Promoting Offers For Newbies (Free Method)

    Hello Friends, i made a quick video explaining the best free strategy for newbies to start promoting products/offers but you gotta be creative and try not to spam
  6. David Mali

    Start Making Money On Facebook Free (Method)

    Today I have decided to reveal a little method I conducted to prove that anyone can make money with Facebook, with little to no experience and no costs. 1. aliexpress you can go to aliexpress and get a good high selling product lets say for example "Wall Canva" and you want to promote...
  7. ChristianaOBM

    Affiliates Wanted Do you have traffic in Facebook Communities to monetize?

    Hello Guys, My name is Christiana Ioannou and I am an AM for Orderboxmedia LTD, an Advertising Network managing exclusive and direct campaigns in both Desktop and Mobile. I am looking for partners who have Facebook communities with a lot of traffic and would like to find a way to monetize that...
  8. A

    Happy to be apart of the forum

    My name is al, I'm 22 and a enteprenuer at heart. I have a goal of going full time with CPA marketing with 30-60 days and I will appreciate tips & guidance from you guys!