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  1. David Mali

    Start Making Money On Facebook Free (Method)

    Today I have decided to reveal a little method I conducted to prove that anyone can make money with Facebook, with little to no experience and no costs. 1. aliexpress you can go to aliexpress and get a good high selling product lets say for example "Wall Canva" and you want to promote...
  2. ChristianaOBM

    Affiliates Wanted Do you have traffic in Facebook Communities to monetize?

    Hello Guys, My name is Christiana Ioannou and I am an AM for Orderboxmedia LTD, an Advertising Network managing exclusive and direct campaigns in both Desktop and Mobile. I am looking for partners who have Facebook communities with a lot of traffic and would like to find a way to monetize that...
  3. Sarah Weber

    Clickbank using Facebook Groups

    Hi, I've been using facebook groups for 1 year now. I'm posting everyday and receiving 60 to 100 comments on every post... but I don't know why i am not making so much sales and I have a good product with a $45 price. Please i wanna know where is the problem... Is the products price so much...