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  1. P

    Which Cloacker you use while running CPA offers in FB?

    I am curious to know about the Cloacker or special trick you guys use while running CPA offers in Facebook. Can you please explain or link up with some threads of this forum? Thanks.
  2. Fred Turner


    Greetings Christina, My name is Fred and I need some insight on how I can promote CPA offers on FB without using Blackhat methods, if that's even possible. I have plenty experience promoting CPA offer using Mobile Pop Traffic as well as Google, Yahoo/Gemini, and 50OnRed, so if you can give me a...
  3. S

    How To Get More Likes on Facebook For Free In 2 minutes!

    -Go to the website "LikeLikeGo". - Click on "Get an Access Token" and it will send you to a new tab: for the second time, click "Get an Access Token". - Allow the permissions on your Facebook account. - After you allow the permissions, it should take you to a page with a URL that contains an...