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  1. M

    Offer dont convert

    Hello, I run campaigns on propellerads promoting casual dating offers from Los Pollos, I spend $200 on testing different geos and in return I get $55. The format refers to the consumption of the push page, the average CTR is 3.5-5%. I have a lot of clicks and the CTR is good but the number is...
  2. Lior PPR

    Looking for an expert with Voluum to help out with debugging

    We're sending traffic through Voluum and have some concerns about the implementation and campaign configuration. Currently looking for an expert in the platform to do some debugging and Q&A.
  3. travissimons

    Hello I'm Travis Simons owner of TJ Group Ltd

    Hello I'm Travis Simons owner of TJ Group Ltd and to start ai would like to tell that is a honor become a new member of this forum. I'm expert in marketing online and CEO I'm available to help affiliates and owners of firms in his strategies, tips, teach community in different types of...