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  1. CPAHub

    Affiliates Wanted New EXCLUSIVE German (DE) CPL Sweepstake offers!

    TLDR: New German Sweepstakes; Paying (up-to) $4.85 per SOI CPL; EPC: $0.45; Best traffic sources: Push, Pop (with prelander); Click here to get started Heya, CPAHub has just launched four new CPL (single opt-in) campaigns in Germany. At the moment you won't find them anywhere else, at least not...
  2. 1

    Affiliates Wanted EXCLUSIVE Win 50, 000 Fortnite V-Bucks offers available in NO, SE, FI, IE!

    12cash by Telefuture are happy to announce EXCLUSIVE Win 50, 000 Fortnite V-Bucks offers in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Ireland! Start to make money from Fortnite hype today! We have EXCLUSIVE Win 50, 000 Fortnite V-Bucks Giveaway with credit card flow (1 Euro signup). With V-Bucks Fortnite...
  3. Jeremy.RevolutionForce

    New Adult Dating Exclusive - Revolution Force

    New Adult Dating Exclusive Top converting English Speaking, rate increases after initial test ***make sure ask about our other PRIVATE dating offers skype: jeremy.wagshul OR russelldupzyk91 email: OR
  4. M

    Affiliates Wanted xxx

  5. Gabor Vasas

    Buying Traffic Traffic for Mobile Content Offers

    Hi I'm Gabor, Partner Manager at Greenlight Media, CPA network with direct advertiser relations in the mobile content sphere. We’re looking for quality mobile traffic to promote our campaigns. GEOs: AT, DE, UK, PL, GH, IT, KE, ZA, some WW offers also. ALL MEDIA TYPES ALLOWED for most of our...
  6. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Do you run Solar? Check out our EXCLUSIVE

    Hold on as MonsterAds have launched the 'hottest' of all Solar deals that's Exclusive to us. If you already run this vertical this offer is a must test. Even if you don't but our interested we have all the required information on targeting and creatives so reach out to get approved. With our...
  7. Jeremy.RevolutionForce

    Affiliates Wanted UK Exclusive $5.50 Web & Mobile Adult Dating CPL SOI Offer!!!!

    Hey Guys, Were opening up our top converting CPL SOI Exclusive for all your UK traffic!!!! Paying out $5.50 a lead for both mobile & desktop Hit me up for your links! Jeremy Wagshul Skype - jeremy.wagshul
  8. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Who has FB and Email traffic for India?

    MonsterAds have landed two great deals accepting traffic in India. If you can target this geo please reach out to my skype to discuss further. Unfortunately the offer is private so I can't post the preview. It is however a lead gen, has no cap and best of all we pay net5 weekly. We're looking...
  9. JakeMA

    Affiliates Wanted Exclusive Diet at MonsterAds

    MonsterAds is breaking into the Nutra Vertical in a big way this year. Our first product is launching today: Megatabolizer (US). It is EXCLUSIVE and we have unlimited cap and are looking for a few select partners to run this offer. Direct publishers only. No networks. Hit me up for more...