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  1. L

    Looking for traffic for exclusive offers

    Looking for affiliates with non-incent traffic for CPL-based offers in Crypto/Blockchain and in Trading Education verticals
  2. Shourove saha

    Best Email Marketing Offer For PPcall?

    Hi Everyone, I'm looking for recommendations for which pay per call offers good convert for email marketing. Got some ideas & recommendations for me? Thanks for advance
  3. DaynaAdnium

    GSM: Email Click Sources

    Hello, Grand Slam Media offers email-click traffic to advertisers on a CPC basis, with a vetted list of publishers carrying quality volume via Dating platform data. As of November, Loaded Cash clicks are sold exclusively by GSM on a CPC basis. Contact, or your direct...


    Hello Everyone, Connect with me to get one of the best offers in the market, flexible payment, and campaign on demand. We support campaigns of all verticals and have a strong affiliate support, but to grow we ned yo more than ever. Connect with us on Skype: jatinoffersshare
  5. DaynaAdnium

    Dating/Email Clicks with Grand Slam Media

    Hello, Grand Slam Media has email traffic for sale! Our lists stem from various dating platforms, among other sources ideal not only for that vertical but also Cams and male-targeted Nutra. It is sold on a CPC basis. For more information you can contact, and if you're...
  6. T

    Where Do You send YOUR email traffic?

    Anyone who answers this from experience is friggin awesome and will always be known as friggin awesome :) In your experience, do you find it better to send email traffic to a presell page on your blog, or direct to an offer? What keeps your list happy and your conversions higher? Barring...