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  1. E

    DJI Mavic Pro Quadcopter - The Travel Friendly Drone

    Easy to carry around and powerful in performance, this good camera drone is one of the bests around. The size of this quad camera drone is compact. This is a positive point. Make any moment a memorable one by capturing the effects with this easy to carry and lightweight drone. Good to know...
  2. SkynexDrones

    Drones - Technical Questions

    Where can I post information and questions about consumer hobby drones? We have an e-commerce drone, and have frequent questions about technical aspects of drones, like the different between BLHeli and BLHeli_S ESCs, or whether 2 blade propellers are better than 3 blade propellers. Is there a...
  3. P

    Any DJI Affiliates Here ?

    Hello , im dji affiliate and im havig problem with contacting them , in past 3 months i have send 5 emails but no one respond , anyone have same problem ? or know how to contact them ? Thanks.