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  1. Habib3535

    Free Article Directory Sites List

    Free Article Directory Sites List is very helpful for all webmaster and affiliate marketer. With an article directory, you can make a good valuable backlink for free. And this backlink is quality backlink so you will get a good domain authority. There are huge free article directories are online...
  2. Jungle Joe

    Affiliate Directories to list in 2019?

    Hello fellow AMs :) Happy Friday! I was wondering if anyone has a list of active Affiliate Directories in 2019? 95% of what I am finding are old sites that are outdated and have not been updated in years.
  3. Sunday swart

    New user here.

    Hello affiliates in the room, am Sunday swart, a tech blogger who want to start affiliates marketing. Am from Nigeria and i study computer science in university of Nigeria. Please help me with this Running coupon site or classified site or directory site in general or multisite niche or...
  4. T

    Affiliate marketing resources and ideas for new startup

    We are a new small Software as a Service (cloud downloading and storage) startup with an in-house affiliate program. We offer only one product where customers can choose 1 month or 1 year of service. What are some of the latest and recommended resources, including AffiliateFix, that we can use...