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  1. Gala

    Case Study [Case Study] Transforming Sweepstakes Creatives Leads to 135% ROI Increase from -23%

    Typically, affiliate case studies focus on achieving successful ad campaigns. However, it's equally valuable to examine intentional failures and their lessons. Our partner's brave venture, investing $250 to showcase the detrimental impact of subpar creatives on campaigns, highlights the...
  2. Abraham DiGiAff

    Buying Traffic Looking for CPI Mobile Traffic

    Hello Folks, Hope you are doing well. We are looking direct inventory for our direct CPI mobile offers or 1 Jump offers with high payout. Top Geo : US,UK,CA,KR,JP,ID OS: IOS/AOS if you have please let me know
  3. Soni Brijesh

    Looking for Direct Mobile Traffic Source

    Anyone know who have direct traffic for mobile offers?
  4. LXephy91

    Does your Tracker blank out Referers?

    Hi Guys, for all those that use tracking systems, do you send blank out (direct) traffic to the offer urls? Does the cpa network usually object if 100% traffic appears direct? Am I missing something here?
  5. Aida

    Review Im buying traffic from direct publishers!CPM/Revshare

    If you have your site and it's really impressive, you have a good number of visitors. We are currently looking for new sources of social traffic, especially from social sites and your site fits best for it! Fixed CPM or RevShare. How much do you want for it? Looking Super Publishers!=) Join...

    Announcement New terms for base-performance sources! NET 7 payment!

    Direct developers and media buyers, we have a lot to offer you! · Only best campaigns from direct advertisers • Personalized CAP • Highly competitive payouts – NET 7 payment • Constant feedback for traffic optimization. Direct Publishers' Manager: Stas Kalach (Skype: stas.tapgerine)...
  7. Santo Di Palo

    Affiliates Wanted PASSIONTECK AD NETWORK

    The World’s Top Publishers Monetize With PassionTeck. With Over 500 advertisers and 1,500 campaigns in nearly 200 countries, PassionTeck gives you access to the highest-paying mobile advertising campaigns and more ways to drive revenue. Platform PassionTeck’s Self-Service Publisher Platform...