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  1. Gala

    Case Study [Case Study] Transforming Sweepstakes Creatives Leads to 135% ROI Increase from -23%

    Typically, affiliate case studies focus on achieving successful ad campaigns. However, it's equally valuable to examine intentional failures and their lessons. Our partner's brave venture, investing $250 to showcase the detrimental impact of subpar creatives on campaigns, highlights the...
  2. Adyoco Team

    Official - Advertise Your Content is an international affiliate network located in Germany with exclusive and direct offers from the most popular brands across the top earning verticals for almost every country! Find perfect offers for your target group in our marketplace of over 1000+ affiliate programs and take...
  3. G

    CPI traffic needed.

    GoDigital Solutions is looking for premium supply for direct and semi-direct offers. note: Publisher must provide proofs of ad placements or quality reports for direct and semi direct offers to run. Thank You.
  4. Vasil Kamburov


    I have managed to run into very interesting banners regarding immigration services packages. What is more interesting is that affiliate managers are the reason behind these posts. I have heard that it's worth trying because of the commissions which they pay. Can any affiliate managers give me...
  5. G

    I am Looking for quality traffic for Direct and 1jump CPI offers.

    GoDigital Solutions is a Singapore based ad-network working on CPI model .
  6. ADdrawTech Network

    CPI Traffic Sources

    Hello Guys, We are looking for CPI Traffic sources, who can deliver good quality of traffic, reach KPIs, have good CR. if you have quality CPI traffic we have a big budget for you. Let's connect on Skype (live:brijesh_227) for further discussion.
  7. Alex_Chess

    Affiliates on CBD direct CPA trials

    Hey folks! Wassup? I look for affilliates traffic to our nutra offers. We own CBD offers over here. Though I working deals with just a few sources at launch. Hit me up skype: asudjan
  8. Michael_Olavivo

    Offer Wanted Nutra + Ecomm Direct Advertisers Are Needed.

    Hi guys, We're looking for direct (owned by the advertiser only) Nutra and Ecomm offers. Please feel free to contact me via Skype and email at the below. Skype - live:kazula.michael83 Thanks a lot. Michael
  9. AffNinjas

    Direct Offers

    We have health/beauty/adult products - direct offers in several EU countries. Looking for quality traffic on CPA/CPL/CPC basis.
  10. superbull

    Affiliates Wanted Viet Nam DIRECT & EXCLUSIVE CPA - PPCall Offers

    Hello all, I'm having all these direct offer for VN geo, take a look and contact me, I love to talk email: nguyennhk@eway dot vn - Skype: vinamilkbull Pay Per Call, Pixel fires when buyers agree to buy product, confirmed via Phone Call by advertiser' s Call Center Payout: 7$ / Confirmation...
  11. datingoffers

    Affiliates Wanted Looking for Japanese dating traffic

    Hi, We are now looking for affiliates with Japanese traffic for our dating offers Together Networks We are a direct advertiser and we're looking forward to working with more awesome affiliates! Interested? Ping me :)
  12. Iraklee

    Buying Traffic 22 FRESH, DIRECT Pin-Submit Offers

    My Friends, I've had a good hunting last week and would like to share my trophies with you. Fresh pin-submits directly from content providers! No crazy redirected chains, offers are opening and converting very fast. All of them have creatives and modern style landing pages. Enjoy your meal...